#316 Abandale

Pose:"Sponsor" Secret Poses - Bento Model 3 (Secret Poses)


Hair:(r)M Hair, No.48'17 (Blondes) (( r e d ) M i n t

Accessories: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels / GROUPGIFT (CURELESS)
::SG:: D.Gems Group Gift by SlackGirl (::SG::)
^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears (^^Swallow^^black Fair 
**CC** - Song of Sakura (**CC**) The Kawaii Project
"Sponsor"A R T E - Water Droplets  (A R T E)
"Sponsor" A R T E - Spring Eyeshadow (A R T E)  Applique

Clothes: "Sponsor" Nana - Stinie Jacket (Nana.Suicide DollZ.
 "Sponsor"+Psycho Barbie+ [Twisted Skirt] (+Psycho Barbie+ The Dark Style Fair 
"Sponsor"+Psycho Barbie+ [Devilish Harness](+Psycho Barbie+ The Dark Style Fair 
 "Sponsor" *{( konpeitou )}* Tabi -prince- (black) (*{( konpeitou )}*

Shoes:*{( konpeitou )}* GIFT*carved camellia-clogs (*{( konpeitou )}*)  

#316 Abandale

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